Dart Entertainment & Creative Artists

Our Story

Dart Entertainment & Creative Artists (DEC Artists) is the brainchild of founder Daniel Dart.  As the famed author Malcolm Gladwell once explained in his book Outliers, "Ten thousand hours is the magic number for greatness." Daniel began his ten thousand hours as a child selling candy out of his backpack between classes in elementary school and his entrepreneurial spirit paid off when years later he started his band Time Again.  They would go on to tour the world numerous times building a legion of loyal fans along the way and gaining a cult-legend status.  Having conquered the world as a singer and band member Daniel then moved on to become a successful film composer/ recording studio owner working on feature films such as Get Him to the Greek ft. Russell Brand and Stepbrothers ft. Will Ferrell among others.  He then took his knowledge to the more business side of things representing record labels in  Television & Film licensing and master catalogue distribution.  Having gone through all the fields of entertainment and learning along the way the problems that artists and creators deal with daily, Daniel has now put his heart, passion and experience into the management world.  

DEC Artists is the compilation of those ten thousand hours and with a team of like minded individuals we hope to share this knowledge and experience with our clients and in doing so be able to grow with them and share their journey.